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This 6-String Smart Guitar Will Help You Rock en Roll

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You’re looking at an interesting little device called the Jamstik, a five-fret “Smart Guitar” that functions as a MIDI controller.

Through a combination of real guitar strings and a sensor-equipped fret board, the Jamstik converts your strumming’ into MIDI data.

This controller is first and foremost an educational device aimed at folks who want to learn basics of guitar.

Jamstik normally connects to your iOS device by broadcasting its own adhoc Wi-Fi network. The free Jamstik Connect app will walk you through this process, but it’s really just a matter of taking a trip to the iOS Settings app and connecting to the “Jamstik” Wi-Fi network.

Once you’ve done that, returning back to the Connect app lets you check for firmware updates, adjust some settings on the device, and try it out by plucking a few strings.

Once configured, Jamstik Connect runs in the background and provides the Core MIDI bridge for other third-party apps, so you can use the Jamstik with pretty much any iOS MIDI app from Apple’s GarageBand to Zivix’s own Jam Tutor and Jam Mix apps.

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