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Awesome 5 Things Living On, In, And With You

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Computer artwork of bacteria (blue and green) on human skin.

Your body isn’t just yours. It’s home to millions of other life-forms. Organisms too small to see with just your eyes, called microbes, outnumber your human cells ten to one.

But don’t worry—most of them are harmless or even helpful. But that doesn’t mean they’re not gross.

Eyelash Inmate

Tiny eight-legged mites spend their whole lives on your face, spending most of their time at the base of your eyelash hairs. But at night they scurry around on your face.

Belly Button Biodiversity

Most people have about 67 different species living harmlessly in their navels. One man hosted a type of bacteria found only in Japan—even though he’d never been there.

Gut Germs

At least 500 species of bacteria live in your large intestine. They help break down food and even create nutrients like vitamin K. Lunch really is a team effort.

Morning Breath Makers

Morning breath? Blame bacteria. While you sleep bacteria builds up in your mouth. These guys munch on leftover food between your teeth, then secrete a smelly compound.

Foot Fungus

Watch your step! These microbes attach to your feet in places like locker room showers. They can make your feet itchy and painful but are easy to get rid of.

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