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The Boring Company Has Completed Digging Its First Tunnel

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Elon Musk’s Boring Company reached a new milestone this week: it completed digging out its first tunnel in LA.

Musk posted a video of the breakthrough to his Twitter account, showing off the machine reaching the end point, which the company calls O’Leary Station.

The video shows a crowd assembled at the end point watching as the machine breaks through.

In October, the Boring Company Twitter account posted an image of the station, which ArsTechnica notes is named for a SpaceX/Boring Company employee who recently passed away.

Work on the 2-mile test tunnel began last year, and earlier this month, Musk posted a time-lapse video of his walk down its length, saying that the the tunnel is still expected to open to the public on December 10th.

The company has some big plans for the area: it plans to dig additional tunnels, and recently got approval to build a prototype tunnel that would allow the company to transport a car from the garage to the tunnel.

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