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From Samurai Swords To Impressive, Handmade Kitchen Knives.

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If you do a bit of kitchen knife research, you will soon discover a recurring theme, as well as some odd advice. The recurring theme is that the three key knives everyone must own are a chef’s knife, a paring knife, and a bread knife.

The odd advice is after those three, what you choose to add to your collection is personal. As someone whose job it is to definitively point people toward the best next thing, this “personal choice” business is disconcerting. Also, it’s true.

The two offerings from Kikuichi Cutlery are a Japanese take on a Western-style chef’s knife known as a gyuto, and a six-inch bunka which resembles a santoku with a more aggressive snout.

First, they’re beautiful. The Shun had an elegant a shimmering blade and a black handle made of resin and hardwood, while the Kikuichis had such a stunning simplicity that they clearly meant business.


The latter, made by a team of elderly expert blade smiths known as the “young knife makers” association’ in Japan’s Sakai City, were sure to be special.

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