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Three Awesome Geeky Kitchen Gadgets For All The Geeky Persons Out There

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Darth Vader Lightsaber Spatula

In times of peace, your favorite Star Wars fan can use this Lightsaber Spatula for cooking things up on the dark side. But remember to wield this deadly weapon with care. It’s been known to remove a hand (or two)!

Whether you are making some chocolate cookies for your little Wookies or some dark, sticky cinnamon buns for your warrior princess, this metal spatula is the perfect tool.

The handle is designed after Darth Vader’s personal lightsaber and the spatula features a laser-cut Star Wars logo. Basically it’s flippin’ perfect.



Medieval Cheese Board

Play the role of executioner at your next wine and cheese feast by slicing up your fromage on this medieval cheese board.

The rubberwood board is shaped like a medieval shield and comes with 3 miniature stainless steel weapons ideal for slicing.

Super Mario Boo Mug

Do you roll out of bed looking like someone scared you? Does your morning cup of coffee make you as virtually indestructible as the Boos from Super Mario Bros.?

Does that shot of caffeine turn you from a shy, bashful guy to someone ready to face the day with enthusiasm?

Pour your magic morning medicine (all 22 ounces of it) into this huge Super Mario Boo Mug and get ready to face your day. This three-dimensional mug is just taunting you, waving its short little arms and sticking its tongue out.

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