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Zoologists Explained Why The Ostrich Is The Only Living Animal With Four Kneecaps

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According to experts, the unusual structure of the legs allows the bird to accelerate quickly.

Ostrich is one of the most interesting and unusual birds in the modern world. He can’t fly but runs very fast and has the largest size among the brethren.

In addition, the ostrich is the only living creature on Earth with four knees.

After a series of studies, scientists have created a computer model of the leg of the ostrich. This allowed them to understand why the “extra” body parts of this bird has not disappeared with evolution.

As it turned out, four knee ostriches need for rapid response to possible danger. When a member of the species feels the approach of the enemy, he may suddenly break away from their homes, developing a decent speed.

In this case the leg bone of an ostrich face enormous pressure, while a special mechanism reduces the load. That is part of it and are knees.

Zoologists said that while not believe in his theory 100%. Researchers simply have nothing to compare the results of their work, since 1884, on the Ground there are no other organisms with four knees, in addition to ostriches.

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