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Can Dyson Reinvent The Electric Car?

James Dyson is the inventor and innovator behind the bagless vacuum, air blade hand dryers, blameless fans, and more luxury home appliances. His approach has revolutionized multiple industries. Now, he sets his sights on an electric car.

Can The Stircle Unseat Coffee Stirrers And Reduce Waste?

Consider the Stircle.

A new invention that aims to reduce the amount of waste surrounding your morning cup of coffee by replacing those wasteful stirrers with a small machine that spins your morning joe to mix in all your cream and sugar.

Although what might be more interesting is to consider all the chatter the Stircle is stirring up.

That’s where Scott Amron comes in. He’s a product designer and inventor of the Stircle. When you talk with Scott, you can hear that he really wants to try and make a positive impact on the world.

For years it’s bothered me that you use a stick or a plastic stick to stir your coffee,” said Amron, “it’s not just about the trash. It’s about the waste.”.

Amron’s talking about all the resources that go into making, transporting and storing those stirrers. To him, those little sticks are a big problem.

So he invented a small countertop device that spins drinks around, stops, then reverse spins to mix them. Technically, according to Amron, the drinks aren’t just spun.

Because people don’t put the drinks in exactly dead center, the contents rotate and oscillate. Plus, since the sides of the cup angle upwards, there is another dimension to the mix.

Amron says he built the Stircle with large coffee shop chains in mind and that the device can be installed by the milk and sugar for customers to use, or behind the counter for other drinks that need mixing by the barista.

It requires a plug, and Stircles can be daisy chained, so multiple ones at a single location don’t each require a separate plug.

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