Month: June, 2020

How Hard Times Create A Better World

2020 has been a pretty terrible year. We’re all feeling the stress. But when you look back through the hard times in history, you find plenty of reasons to be hopeful. Here we look at tragic moments in history and how they brought about positive change

E-Waste: A Disaster In The Making

Every year, the world produces over 40 million tons of e-waste; discarded electronic components that are filled with valuable metals and thousands of harmful toxins. It’s quickly becoming a looming disaster.

If you have phones, tablets, laptops, or any other gadgets you need to get rid of, take the extra steps to do so responsibly. Here are some resources to help with that:

How Music Hacks The Brain

Music is a universal language. It kind-of makes us human. But why? Why does every culture around the world understand music? The answer may lie in what it does in our brains.

From mood regulation to immune system support, listening to music has measurable physiological effects on us. And learning to play music creates real differences in our brain structures that improve cognitive performance in several areas.

Some even argue that the development of music thousands of years ago shaped our species into what we are today, so let’s take a look at music, the most human thing we do.

How To Become An Astronaut

With the launch of the Crew Dragon, we have entered a new era of space travel, including multiple rides to space. This will grow the need for astronauts. Want to be one of them? Here’s how.

Have We Found Our Future Home?

Eyeball planets are strange worlds where one side faces their star at all times, but they might actually be a good candidate for life, and a place we may find refuge in the far future.

Also, there may be a lot more of them out there than we think. So let’s talk about these strange places in the universe.

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