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Feeling Weirdly Optimistic With Hank Green – Episode 17 Information

Hank Green is one of the first and most popular science communicators on YouTube, having started out with his brother, author John Green, on their channel Vlogbrothers, and growing an empire of science channels through his company, Complexly. Along the way, the two of them founded VidCon, now the largest online video conference in the world, and he’s written two books, An Absolutely Remarkable Thing and A Beautifully Foolish Endeavor.

He joined me to talk about all things science and YouTube, a little bit of politics and some surprising reasons to be optimistic about the world right now.

Find more about Hank and his endeavors at his website:

The Electrifying Robert Llewellyn – Episode 16

Robert Llewellyn is the host of the YouTube channel Fully Charged thought he might be better known by some as the actor who plays Kryten in the British sci-fi comedy series Red Dwarf. He joined me today for a causal chat about all things electric vehicles and sustainability along with a bunch of other random stuff. Enjoy!

Analyzing Webb’s First Images with Christian Ready – Episode 15

Christian Ready is an astronomer and professor at Towson University in Maryland, he worked previously at the Space Telescope Science Institute and NASA’s Goddard Spaceflight Center, and he shares his expertise and excitement for all things space on his YouTube channel, Launch Pad Astronomy. Today, he joins me to take a deeper look at the first images to come out of the James Webb Space Telescope, talk about what a big deal this is, and basically nerd out about the cosmos for a while.

Go check out his YouTube channel at

Nothing is Random with Moriba Jah – Episode 14

Moriba Jah is a world-renowned astrodynamicist who specializes in tracking the thousands of pieces of space debris currently orbiting our planet and possibly threatening to disrupt our satellite networks if nothing is done to fix it. He is a professor at the Department of Aerospace Engineering and Engineering Mechanics at the University of Texas in Austin and recently co-founded Privateer Space with Steve Wozniak, the co-founder of Apple. Their goal is to create a platform that will allow for the tracking, avoidance, and removal of space debris.

Find out more at their site,

How Pat Flynn Starts With Service – Episode 13

Pat Flynn is an author and host of the long-running personal business podcast Smart Passive Income, where he teaches people how to be successful in business without killing yourself in the process. And he’s one of the people I listened to for years before I was able to break away from office life to do YouTube full time. So I was thrilled to get to meet him and talk about his ideas and share a little about his passions (we go down a rabbit hole on bass fishing).

If you want to learn more and listen to his podcast (highly recommended) you can find it at http://www.smartpassiveincome/com

Going Nuclear With Laura Krantz – Episode 12

Laura Krantz is the host of the Wild Thing Podcast which is just about to launch season 3, this one focusing on nuclear energy. The pros, the cons, and everything in between. So we talk about about what she learned along the way, the mixed bag that is nuclear energy in general, and learn a little bit about the background that gave her the tools to be a podcaster today.

You can hear all three seasons of Wild Thing (yours truly makes an appearance in a bonus episode of season 2) at



Talking Vintage (And Future) Space With Amy Shira Teitel – Episode 10

Amy Shira Teitel is a historian and journalist who made a name for herself as a blogger and YouTube creator focusing on mid 20th-century history, specifically the space race with her YouTube channel, Vintage Space. But her interests go well beyond rockets and moon landings (she can read ancient Greek, which is insane). Today we talk about the frustrations of being an online creator, the dangers of being pigeonholed, and the amazing past and future of space travel. Her newest book, Fighting For Space is available in bookstores and online.


The Island Of Meaning With Dr. Brian Cox – Episode 9

Dr. Brian Cox is a science presenter for the BBC in Britain and one of the most in-demand science communicators in the world. Today, he sat down with me to talk about a wide range of topics, from extraterrestrial life, to how he got interested in science growing up, to the absurd scale of the universe and our small but very important place in it.

He also talks about his upcoming 50-city tour this summer in North American, Ireland, and the UK called Horizons: A 21st Century Space Odyssey, where they employ groundbreaking visual effects to tell the story of the history of the universe and life on Earth. You can check dates and buy tickets at


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