Month: May, 2020

Why School Is Becoming Irrelevant

Our current system of publicly-funded K-12 schooling is surprisingly new, and a product of increased technology, which continues to expand our education system today. Where is this going in the future?

What happens when we all have access to any information we could ever need on our phones at all times? What happens when we merge with this technology? What happens when artificial intelligence can hack the brain with customized curricula designed to optimize the learning of each student?

Our schools look nothing like the schools our grandparents went to. What kind of schools await our grandchildren? Let’s take a look.

Untangling String Theory

String theory is a very complex mathematical concept involving 11 dimensions that will melt your mind if you think too hard about it. Let’s try to break it up and make sense of what some people believe is the theory of everything.

The Golden Ratio Is BS (Kinda)

The Golden Ratio is a mathematical construct that has been observed all throughout nature, architecture, and art. And some think it’s a universal constant, and divine. But… is it? Or are we only seeing what we want to see?

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