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Quantum Field Theory – Reality Is Not What You Think It Is | Podcast

Quantum Field Theory is the current best understanding of the nature of reality that we have. It’s also the strangest. Join me as we break down how we got there and what it all means.

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From The Royal Institution – David Tong on Quantum Field Theory

Part one on Quantum Electrodynamics and Paul Dirac at PBS Digital Studios

Fermilab on Quantum Field Theory

All About The Falcon Heavy with Tim Dodd The Everyday Astronaut

I spoke with Tim Dodd, who runs the YouTube channel Everyday Astronaut, specifically about the Falcon Heavy for my video on that subject, but we got into all kinds of topics from spaceflight to what inspired us as kids, to the danger of trolls and flat-earthers and the importance of tapping into the wonder that science brings us.

I really enjoyed talking with him, if you haven’t checked out his channel, you can find it at

3D Printing, AI, and The Future of Design With Greg Porter from Greg’s Garage

Greg Porter is an architect, designer, maker and the host of the YouTube channel Greg’s Garage, where he builds cool designs and solutions using 3D printing and fabrication machines that he built with his own hands.

In this interview, we talk about his journey to being an architect, what moves him as a maker and designer, and the future of design as we integrate our creativity with artificial intelligence.

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Mind Hacking Happiness With Sean Webb

In this podcast, I’m thrilled to be talking to Sean Webb about his new book, Mind Hacking Happiness (Volumes 1 & 2). Sean is a counselor, author, media personality and something of an expert on emotions. In this episode we talk about how we break past our mental attachments, enlightenment experiences, a simple hack to keep your emotions from spiraling out of control, the newest science on consciousness, and how to gain control of your mind. You can find much much more at Sean’s YouTube Channel.

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Ray Kurzweil’s Craziest Predictions About The Future

Ray Kurzweil’s predictions have an 86% success rate. But what he sees in the next 50 years are mind-blowing.
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Check out Ray’s books for more about his predictions for the future:
The Age of Intelligent Machines
The Singularity is Near
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Ray Kurzweil is an inventor and futurist who has championed the Law of Accelerating Returns, claiming that computer technology is following an exponential path that will lead to the Singularity – a point in time when computer power reaches super intelligence and all things are possible.
He predicts the Singularity by the year 2045. But that’s just one of his predictions for the future which also involves:
Autonomous cars
Simulated worlds
Uploading consciousness Immortality
Links: Jean-Marc Cote 1900 French World Exposition
Kurzweil’s track record
Kurzweil’s predictions
Kurzweil’s prediction timeline
George Hotz’s self-driving car hack
ColdFusionTV video on AlphaGo

5 Reasons Why You Wouldn’t Exist Without The Moon

We really take the moon for granted. But without it, we may not even exist. Here’s 5 reasons why.

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What Is Life? A Surprisingly Complex Question

What is life? Seems like a really simple question. But it’s actually more complex than you can imagine. And the search for the answer leads to other questions and thoughts that change our very perspective of ourselves.

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Check out these videos also on this topic, they’re really good:

Are viruses Alive – This Place…

What is life? – Kurzgesagt…

What Would Happen If You Fell Into Jupiter?

Jupiter is by far the largest planet in our solar system. But if you fell into it, would you actually hit… anything? In today’s video, we jump in and see.

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Jupiter is made of 90% hydrogen and 10 percent Helium and other chemicals. Its clouds include layers of ammonia ice, ammonium sulfide, and water vapor, but underneath the cloud layer, things get really weird.

The pressure forces the hydrogen together until it takes on some unique properties, first a supercritical state that is neither gas nor water, and the other a metallic hydrogen state where the flowing hydrogen conducts electricity that ultimately powers its massive magnetic field.

Oh, and it will kill you.


May 3rd tornado footage:……

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