Space Shades Won’t Save Us From Climate Change

Space shades are often touted as our last hope if our climate change situation gets too out of control. If we can’t keep carbon emissions down, we could just block the sun. I hear this option get thrown out very casually, but I’ve never seen a realistic look at what that would look like. How big would it need to be? How much would it cost? Wound it even work? So I decided to take a serious deep dive.

Was There An Advanced Civilization Before Humans?

It took humans 10,000 years to go from hunter-gatherers to world domination. Considering the vastness of time that humans and life have been on Earth, could this have happened once before?

This question was put forth by Adam Frank and Gavin Schmidt in their paper titled The Silurian Hypothesis, where they tried to figure out what in the geologic record would be a sign of a previous industrial civilization. It brings up a lot of questions and makes you deal with the weight of deep time, as well as the fleeting nature of history.

So Apparently “Toads Found In Rocks” Is A Thing

As weird as it sounds, there are dozens of stories of animals, especially toads, found in rocks. Can this really be real? Because nature has developed some amazing survival strategies and there are creatures that can survive being frozen or entombed for long periods.

In this video, we explore the story of Old Rip, the horned frog that survived being locked in a time capsule for 30 years, and examine tardigrades, which might be living on the moon right now.

How Hard Times Create A Better World

2020 has been a pretty terrible year. We’re all feeling the stress. But when you look back through the hard times in history, you find plenty of reasons to be hopeful. Here we look at tragic moments in history and how they brought about positive change

E-Waste: A Disaster In The Making

Every year, the world produces over 40 million tons of e-waste; discarded electronic components that are filled with valuable metals and thousands of harmful toxins. It’s quickly becoming a looming disaster.

If you have phones, tablets, laptops, or any other gadgets you need to get rid of, take the extra steps to do so responsibly. Here are some resources to help with that:

How Music Hacks The Brain

Music is a universal language. It kind-of makes us human. But why? Why does every culture around the world understand music? The answer may lie in what it does in our brains.

From mood regulation to immune system support, listening to music has measurable physiological effects on us. And learning to play music creates real differences in our brain structures that improve cognitive performance in several areas.

Some even argue that the development of music thousands of years ago shaped our species into what we are today, so let’s take a look at music, the most human thing we do.