Conversations With Joe – Andy Weir on Project Hail Mary

Today I catch up with friend of the channel, Andy Weir. We talk in depth about his latest novel, Project Hail Mary. MASSIVE SPOILER WARNING – If you haven’t read the book and want to go in blind, you might not want to listen to this. But if you have, and you want some serious behind the scenes on the science behind the story, we get into it here.


  • Anant Dongre says:

    About half way through and I’m already losing my mind.
    More than a chef, I think you can totally tell Andy is from a dev background with that iterative development style, building on his previous research in regards to the planet and coming up with Rockys’ biology.

    And yes, for sure would buy/read a book on Erid biology.

  • Jay Kindheart says:

    Hello Joe,
    My name is Jay, and I already subscribe to most of your channels, and have listened to the entirety of this podcast. I very much enjoy your work, and look forward to more of these podcasts, I do hope to see it as a visual podcast or even some sort of live podcast. Ether way the long format interview is always appreciated. Keep up the great work Joe.

  • Charles A. Halsall says:

    Project Hail Mary ended well. A lot of stories don’t.

  • Tom Wilde says:

    The Joe’s Roaming Podcast

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