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The Fermi Paradox, Cyborgs, And Artificial Intelligence – My Interview With Isaac Arthur

Isaac Arthur runs the YouTube channel Science and Futurism With Isaac Arthur, where he goes into incredibly deep dives on subjects like megastructures, future space colonies, aliens, and little things like farming black holes (like you do). Here we touch on a few of those topics and do a little shop talk about life as YouTubers.

If you enjoy this episode, check out Isaac’s channel at


  • Planetfall says:

    Sugar does cause hyper activity, the studies that tried to show otherwise dispersed the sugar in small doses through out the day so that it wouldn’t be noticeable and couldn’t be a placebo. But when you have a whole bunch of sugar all at once that is when you get a sugar high, its just metabolism. If you give your body a bunch of simple carbs all at once its going to have plenty of energy for a short bit and then crash.
    Did I misunderstand Issac’s statement, was he saying that some people thought sugar caused ADHD or something and that was the silly mistake because that is not true. But to say eating a bunch of sugar doesn’t make you hyper for a short bit is wrong.

  • P Gahan says:

    Is the glasses match a coincidence, or is there a deeper significance.

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